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Feeling the need to connect with God? 

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Here's everything you need to know about worshiping God at Lord of Life. 

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Front of worship area: Cross, Table, Pulpit, Font - the ways we know God.

Our Mission: "God's Word moves us to make connections by welcoming all, strengthening and serving the healthy and hurting." 

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Project materials for the September 2018 day of service.

Faith goes beyond education opportunities, gifts go beyond Sunday morning, faith happens in our everyday life. 

Here's some ways we encourage and build our faith and put it into practice! 

Babylon lion: Daniel's courage in captivity

Vacation Bible School at Lord of Life!

Join us June 17-21 from 5:30pm-8pm!

We'll learn all about Daniel's courage and trust in God throughout his life! 

Themes are based on the things children face every day:

    Mon:   When things change... God is with you.

    Tue:     When you need help... God is with you.

    Wed:   When you're afraid... God is with you.

    Thur:   When you're lonely... God is with you.

    Fri:        When you're thankful... God is with you.

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To register your K - 5th grader, click the link below and fill out the information fully. You'll receive a confirmation email. 

Any questions, call the church at 488-6720

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What's VBS Like?

Dinner is served from 5:30-6pm

Ham and cheese "owl" sandwiches, cucumber and raisin eyes, carrot nose

Theme-based dinners and snacks will fuel your child's energy and imagination for our evening together! We do an excellent job providing for food allergies - just note those needs on your registration form.

Celebration time


Children start and end the evening singing and dancing along to the Babylon DVD, learn and repeat the night's theme, connect with caring adults, and participate in skits and silliness.

Tribe Time


Children are grouped with caring adults who help them explore the daily themes: change, needing help, fear, loneliness, and thankfulness. These adults will lead them around the church as they explore together.

Bible Story


This week will focus in on Daniel's courage to follow God even when others didn't want him to. 

We'll hear of being a captive, the way he interprets dreams, how his friends faced fire, how he'd only pray to God, and facing the lions.

Palace Playground


Time to run and challenge our teams to build sugar cube palaces, calendar games, catapult testing zone, animal games, and laugh together!

Marketplace Shops


Explore ancient culture in astronomy school, the royal animal courtyard, hanging gardens, metalworking, music, and snacks!

Register Here!

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Sunday Morning


The Center of our Community is Worship

Sunday morning worship at 10:30 is built on 4 parts: 

GATHER in by God's presence

Hearing God's WORD

Sharing in God's MEAL (Communion) 

Being SENT into God's world

Adult leader talks with children on the altar step during worship

Building our Faith and Trust in God

Faith development is a life-long journey.
Nurture yours Sunday mornings at 9:30am in groups for age 5 and up.

Learn prayers and songs, Bible stories and theology, 

ask tough questions and wrestle with the unanswerable  -

these are all marks of faith.  


Faith is not a performance.

Too many places in life require us to "hold it all together", to look and sound perfect. That's not us. Worship invites participation, our musicians are not performers, our worship leaders are volunteers, and our Pastor isn't perfect. Come as you are - baggage included - God's grace finds you.

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Food boxes every Wednesday, call to
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Church Season: Ordinary Time

Green represents hope--like the hope we feel when we see the first buds in springtime--and it is thus fitting that green is the liturgical color that marks this season.  

We are an ELCA Congregation

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a partnership between local Churches, regional Synods, and a national Churchwide body. 

Learn more about what we believe, who we support, and this amazing network at


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