New can be Scary

We all know what it's like to be new...

It's not easy walking into a new place, a unfamiliar community, an unknown experience. We know. So whether you've grown up in a church, or are trying a different style of worship, or have never set foot in a church before, we do our best to help you be at ease.  

If you need large print materials, hearing assistance, mobility assistance, or extra care, we are ready to meet your needs with paper, headphones, a lift, ADA bathroom, and willing hearts.

If you're new to Alaska, grew up here, or the military sent you to this "overseas" installation, you'll find people who have been there too, and they'll help you adjust. 

If you've been turned away from other churches because you ask questions, or they were uncomfortable with who you love, or you couldn't be your authentic self, we've got a place for you here.

Get a sense of who we are

Scroll through our church Facebook Page, managed by Pastor Amanda and members of Lord of Life. It will give you insight into the church, prepare you to hear Sunday's message, and help you engage in the community. Follow us, and keep your feed uplifted throughout the week!

What to Know about Worship

Style of Worship

Communion every Sunday

Children and Church


We are a liturgical congregation, meaning we have an "order" to worship beyond singing and listening.

1st and 3rd Sundays: Traditional worship with sung liturgy and hymns

2nd and 4th Sundays: Contemporary worship with music you'd hear on Christian radio .

5th Sundays: We never know. Pastor Amanda messes up worship to help open our eyes and ears to God's work in different ways. 

Children and Church

Communion every Sunday

Children and Church


We encourage families of all ages (and  volumes) to worship together! Kids worship God in their own wiggly and noisy way and we need them with us! We have a children's message  just for them, we encourage them to sing loud, to dance around, and to receive Communion.

We've  got "quiet bags" with toys and activities hanging on hooks near the  stairs, and when parents need a break from the wiggles, we've got a  nursery space just for them to play on the entry level.  

Communion every Sunday

Communion every Sunday

Communion every Sunday


Lord of Life has open Communion: anyone who believes that Christ is present in this meal, and is a meal for them, are welcome to partake.
This includes toddlers! Anyone who stretches out their hand knows this meal is for them!

Interactive classes are still offered every spring and fall to learn more about Communion and better focus our hearts on this meal of life. 

Church Seasons

What can I expect?

Communion every Sunday


Another part of being liturgical is a cycle of seasons in a church year, set apart by colors and focus of Scripture readings:

Advent blue  (month of December)
Christmas white (Dec 25-Jan 5)
Epiphany green (next 4-6 weeks)

Lent purple (40 days before Easter [not including Sundays])
Easter white (one day plus 6 weeks)
Pentecost red (50 days after Easter)
Season after Pentecost green 

 (it's "ordinary time" till Nov.)

Basically  these seasons help us focus on who God is (Advent through Pentecost)  and who we are (the Season after Pentecost is all about growing in our  faith).


What can I expect?

What can I expect?

Cottonwood tree trunk pedestal carved by beaver teeth

The Lutheran Church supports both infant and adult baptism. Contact Pastor Amanda to set up a meeting if  you are interested in baptism.

The baptismal font at Lord of Life was carved by Cliff Pananen, with the help of Jerry Gustafson, from a  cottonwood tree they had found while running their dog teams near the Tanana River in Salcha. Beavers had been trying to chew it down, which accounts for the unusual pedestal  formation.

The inscription, taken from Ephesians 4:5 reads, "One  Lord, One Faith, One Baptism." This was suggested by Pastor Paul Daniel,  who presided at the baptism of Max Pananen, nephew of the font's  carver, on May 19, 1985, the first time the font was used.

What can I expect?

What can I expect?

What can I expect?

stained glass rainbow with cross, butterflies, and lilies

You can expect a friendly greeting into our entryway. You may choose to hang your coat up, grab a cup of coffee in a mug downstairs, and make your way upstairs to worship. A lift is provided for those who struggle with stairs. 

At the top of the stairs, you'll be greeted and given a bulletin with the order of worship and announcements, you'll see our font, table, burl wood pulpit, and diamond willow cross - the physical signs of where God meets us. 

Worship is projected, prayers are said in unison, we sing and laugh and gather in gratitude for God's work in our lives. Grab a seat where you're comfortable, wear what you'd like, and walk away from your first worship with more 

than our jar of homemade jam.