We give because God first gives to us.

At Lord of Life,  giving is something we do with a spirit of joy in response to the love  and forgiveness we have freely received in Jesus. We do not give out of  obligation or guilt. 

Your gift works to help those in need and drives  what we're all about: 

God's Word moves us to make connections by welcoming all, strengthening and serving the healthy and hurting.

Questions about giving


Where does my offering go?

All offerings go to an undesignated account to be used as needed for general expenses. 

From those offerings, we send 10% to the Alaska Synod for mission support across our state.

Money also goes back into our community quarterly through donations to the Food Bank, Love INC, Rescue Mission, and other non-profits that serve people in need.

What does designating an offering do?

We have specific accounts for specific needs in our church. Some people choose to give directly to these projects or purposes and we hold the funds until the project needs them. 

These funds are not counted in the 10% sent in mission support.

Special Offerings

Once in a while we will collect special offerings to support the Kuwaa Mission, purchase animals through ELCA Good Gifts, or to support Disaster Response after a tragedy. These are considered designated items and are in addition to our regular, faithful offerings.

Cool Baskets! (photo)

We're asked more than a few times where we got our woven offering baskets. They were purchased from a ministry we have supported in Honduras. Women are taught skills to provide an income and basket weaving is quite popular.