What's Happening Now

The Underground! 1/19, 1-4pm

3rd - 6th Grade Group

We're going to Kid Fest! Come jump on over 25 bounce houses, have a Nerf battle, jump onto a velcro wall, and have a blast together!

Meet up after worship on January 19, have some lunch together, and leave the church at 1pm, return to the church at 4pm. 

Sign up, $10 per child, and waiver required.

School Lunch Prep

Join volunteers one Friday morning a month to package 110 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 55 cup o' soups, and assorted snacks for students at North Pole Elementary and NP High School. 

These lunches are given out to support students over the weekend until they can return to school-provided meals. 

Next prep date: 10am Feb. 14

High School Student Ministries

Navigating life is hard! We need a place to talk things through and think bigger than school! 

Confirmation of Faith classes are at 9am on Sundays for 8-9 graders.

Youth Group will be on January 12 from 6-7:30. 

Friends are always welcome to join the events!

Buy a Share of Beef

Moose Creek Farms has donated a steer to Lord of Life to offset our fuel bills. Purchase 20 pounds of USDA Grade A Angus meat, grass fed and antibiotic free for only $200 . 

Your share will have 10 pounds of ground beef and 10 pounds of assorted prime cuts, wrapped and frozen for your convenience. 

Only 4 shares left! Cost: $200

New Member Introduction

For those wanting to join Lord of Life or ask questions about living our faith through this church, please join us February 23 and March 1 at 9am for: 

  • an introduction to Lord of Life, 
  • a theological look at Baptism and Communion, and 
  • an overview of what being a member means. 

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