Little Project List


Old Computers

Our old machines (all 3 of them) need to be wiped so we can bring them to a recycling center. 

Upstairs Worship Closet

The hidden closet in the sanctuary needs a little organizing. Separate candles, label boxes, and help make those bottom 2 shelves more accessible.

Candelabra repair and cleaning

Our 2 candelabras need to be de-waxed, the bowls tightened, and to be polished. 

Sort and Change out Nursery toys (photo)

Discard old and broken toys, sort through donations and extra boxes and change out current toys to keep the play area fresh.

Basement Storage Closet

Love organizing? This is for you. Sort and store our seasonal decorations and small projects for better access. 

Kitchen level Bookshelves

2 bookcases are crammed with outdated and unused items. Help sort through what is use-able and what can be donated or recycled.


Bathroom Update (photo)

 Little fingers have peeled our wallpaper, it's time to take it down and freshen up our bathrooms. Top priority is the ADA bathroom on the kitchen level, or do all three. 

Consolidate and organize hardware

Door knobs, extra screws, painting materials all need to be consolidated and inventoried.

Organize the tool shed

Shovels and rakes need to be rotated, gardening items stacked together.

Build a lawn mower shed

Planning with council and our facility chair, we would like an enclosed shed for our lovely lawn mower.

Basement Refrigerator

Clean out the downstairs fridge, move items upstairs to help us save electricity.

Youth Room Pillows

 Throw pillows in the youth room live up to their name. A little extra sewing love is needed for the seams. 


Housekeeper's Closet (photo)

 Sort cleaning supplies, build shelving, and help organize this small space for efficiency and safety.